2018 Health Trends

One month down, 11 to go. 2018 is well on its way and it’s pretty safe to say that the health trends for 2018 have been established.

Here's what we'll expect to see more of in 2018:

1) More powdered formulas:

I can't believe I'm saying this but after 12 years in the industry where convincing people to take a powder was like pulling teeth, we've finally evolved to a point where people WANT powders. I would venture to guess that this is our biggest area of growth and includes things like Collagen powder, Bone Broth Protein powder, Golden Mylk and Instant mushrooms. 

For the sake of keeping this blog post short and sweet, I have included links to some of these popular products for you to read at your own leisure, but as always phone, email or pop by anytime to learn more about these things!





2) Everything in coffee

Life Begins After Coffee.png


Bulletproof coffee and all of the necessities to make Bulletproof coffee really flew off the shelves last year, but now customers are getting creative and making their own adaptations. Several companies are taking advantage of this new idea and creating products that can go in our coffee so I'm sure we'll see more of these this year. We are also seeing a lot of our suppliers introducing new flavoured sugar free sweeteners and our customers are loving them!



3) Mental health/ Brain health

mental health.png

I think this may FINALLY be the year where we dig really deep into our diet and supplements to address our brain function and mental well-being. The gut-brain connection is something we are continually learning more and more about but until now has not been popularized. I'm happy to see it is making its way into our conversations! If you'd like some interesting reading google "psychobiotics"; its quite the rabbit hole of information but fascinating nonetheless.  It was also exciting to see that Dr. Mark Hyman's docu-series titled Broken Brain started the year off with an explosion on the Internet that led people to discuss different ways of addressing our brain health. It's very clear based on the response to this series that these are discussions we NEED to be having. I've included the link for the trailer so you can get an idea of what its all about. 



4) Ketogenic diet:

This alone needs its own blog post. The ketogenic diet is being widely talked about and promoted by some huge names in our industry, and has some really cool research behind it; not just for weight management but for things like dementia, as an adjunct to chemotherapy, PCOS and acne, and lowering triglycerides, and we are learning more and more about its potential benefits. It's not for everyone, but certainly something to read about for curiosity sake. It's also important to note that if you're interested in committing to a ketogenic diet, to chat with your doctor or practitioner about whether it's right for you. I’ve included a review of a study on ketogenic diets just for fun.


5) Fermented Foods

fermented foods.png

This brings us to our last health trend for 2018..so far. And it's perfect because we are promoting Fermented February! 

Fermented foods have long been known for their benefits for our microbiome. Kombucha, water kefir, and sauerkraut along with all other fermented foods, all have unique benefits for our digestive system, and knowing the benefits of probiotics protecting and healing our gut gives a good argument as to why we should be including these things in our diets. Many popular nutritionists recommend getting two servings of fermented foods in our diet per day, but even one serving per day is a fantastic goal to reach.

We want to encourage our customers to eat more fermented foods, so keep watch for our in-store specials and on our social media pages to be notified of these specials!

We have samples of many of these items available that we can mix up for you to try or give you a little sample to take home. If you’ve been wanting to try Golden Mylk, Collagen, or Bone broth protein powder, we’d be happy to do a demo for you!