The Little Things DO Make A Difference

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.
— Roy T. Bennet, The Light in the Heart

The other day I had a conversation with a customer that wasn’t unlike many other conversations I’ve had, but this time it really resonated with me. He had come in for a specific product and we were out of stock of a particular flavor and I offered to order it for him. He laughed and said “oh no, it’s not for me. It’s for my wife: she’s the healthy one", and he went on to say that his diet is terrible and he hates exercise and he’s pretty comfortable with the fact that he’s likely going to die young from a heart attack because he loves pop too much. And I laughed too, because that certainly parallels my own relationship, and the expression “you can bring a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink” came to mind.

But as I thought more and more about what he was implying I thought deeper about how our mentality shapes our decisions. I am health conscious and overall, make health conscious decisions, and that means I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to define myself as an unhealthy person and make choices that reflect that view. I bet it’s easy to assume that if you don’t eat well or exercise that you might as well throw in the towel and not make any effort. 

If I could have altered that conversation in any way without being the naggy girl who can’t mind her own business at the health food store I would have told him that just because he’s not perfect doesn’t mean he can’t try. We’re so wrapped up in these programs,  “lifestyle changes” and an overwhelming amount of information that tells us everything we thought was right was wrong, that we forget the power of the little things that we can do. Maybe small things like incorporating fermented foods, eating more vegetables, going for a walk once in awhile, or taking a supplement seem trivial but they can make meaningful changes in our body. The habit alone can be enough to change our psychology from thinking we are “unhealthy” to “moderately healthy” and perhaps even spiral into a few more positive changes.

So, since I couldn’t lecture my customer about how valuable it is to see yourself in a different light, I’ll lecture our readers. You don’t have to be perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to make any small effort to be better!

We’re always happy to help if you want a place to start, and I promise we won’t force you to change your whole life, or fork out more than your budget. We’re here to remind you that better health is always attainable, even when you think it’s not worth it to try.

If you are interested in making a few changes, we have our Customer Appreciation Day every 3rd Wednesday of the month. While you’re in there you can check out 360 Wellness who have a ton of really amazing practitioners who could also help you if you’re feeling a little lost.  We’d all love to see you:)