Camping Essentials

We do a lot of camping (full disclosure I’m not sure if it counts as full-blown camping when we are in a trailer), and now that I’m on mat leave, we get to do even more! Camping with a baby is a whole new ball-game, and my “camping essentials” list has now turned into a camping novel I have to read through to make sure I didn’t forget anything. Since we camp so frequently, I really try to make sure that I maintain our healthy diets and supplement regime as much as possible because falling off the wagon and getting back on weekly gets to be exhausting. So, I thought I would share with you some of the foods, supplements, and first aid I pack to keep my family and I healthy.

1) Foods

I consistently aim for two fruits and as many veggies as possible in a day which is why I like to pack things that travel well like apples, oranges or pears (if I can find some good ones). They are a great snack to throw in the back of the quad or in your backpack for a hike, and better yet, there’s no garbage to hold onto. They are also far more hydrating than a bag of chips so they support your body more in the heat.

  Fresh organic produce delivered every Wednesday to Grove Health

Fresh organic produce delivered every Wednesday to Grove Health

My semi-husband is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy so leaving to go camping means I sometimes only have a few hours notice, BUT if on a rare occasion I have a day for a heads up I make a quinoa salad that is packed with veggies that can be eaten cold, and that lasts 2-3 days in the fridge (less in a cooler).

I also make a whole bunch of breakfast muffins to pack as snacks so I can eat something that doesn’t make a lot of noise if baby decides to sleep in, instead of starving until the baby gets up!

I like to buy MSG free beef jerky from Grove Health, and make my own trail mix with dried cranberries, almonds and little pieces of dark chocolate or cacao that make a great snack to pack for camping day-time activities. It’s so important to keep your blood sugars stable during the day to prevent over-indulging later. If I do indulge, I like to buy Organic tortilla chips and organic salsa, or SkinnyPop popcorn!

Though not food related, one of the best purchases I have ever made is the water bottle from EcoVessel, which I purchased at Grove Health. No exaggeration, it keeps water cold for hours.

2) Supplements

In the summer, I usually tone down my supplement regime because when the sun’s out, I feel better, so I just bring the basics: my prenatal (if you’re not pregnant or nursing probably a multivitamin for you!), my fish oils, and my probiotics that I keep in my purse. I do have some other supplements handy though, for the “what-if’s”:

Oil of Oregano: this is an anti-microbial that in a pinch can also be used for bug bites (though admittedly, I usually don’t because it smells awful, and even with a trailer showers are limited). This is helpful if someone feels a cold or urinary tract infection coming on, or if someone starts to get sick or have mild diarrhea. More often than not, having this on hand is enough to prevent a camping trip from being cut short!

Activated Charcoal: is great to travel with, and if someone appears to have mild food poisoning, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. As a side note, it can also be used for pets though you would need to double check quantities to be administered.

*I get that this is obvious but I’m going to state for the record if vomiting or diarrhea persist or intensify, its time to pack up and go home and monitor the symptoms to ensure a trip to the hospital isn’t required.

Nature’s Aid: I love this product because it can be used for cuts, stings, insect bites and sunburn. This does have a strong smell but I like it because it doesn’t linger. It is also great for pets too.


I always have a joint cream, some turmeric capsules, and some magnesium on hand to help with headaches or muscle soreness after quadding, or going walking.

And finally, I bring lavender in case I can’t sleep and for headaches, and peppermint for muscle tension and headaches. Though I haven’t yet, you can make bug spray with these ingredients too which is neat.

3) Supplements for Baby Ryland

Everyday Ryland takes Vitamin D, probiotics and iron (as prescribed by his doctor, please don’t randomly give iron to your baby), so of course I need to bring these. But, there are two remedies that I am absolutely in love with for him that I bring: Orange Naturals Teething and Orange Naturals Colic. These have worked exceptionally well for my little guy, and I have found more often than not they kick in in 20 minutes or so. I also bring the Coryzalia from Boiron with me also, which comes in little ampoules in case he gets symptoms of a cold but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood).

Ryland and I share the Goddess Garden Baby sunblock because that’s what I’m comfortable with for our skin, and it has worked really well for us.

Feel free to comment with your “natural health” camping essentials, and any recommendations!

Written by Chelsea Hohnstein