My Top favorite products of 2015:


1) Charcoal face sponge 

Since I bought this I have had about half as many breakouts, and when I do get one, it takes about half the amount of time to get rid of it. I use it morning and evening, and replace mine every three months. It is such a neat product and comes at an awesome price. 

 2) Evelyn Iona ginger glow bronzer & lip gloss.

Okay, I'm cheating because this is two products but I love this bronzer and lip gloss.  I spend a ridiculous amount of money on makeup and every time I try a new bronzer or lip gloss I am disappointed. There are testers and applicators at the store..pop in and try it! 

3) 100% pure shampoo and conditioner

I have always used salon brand shampoo and conditioner-until I discovered this. I have terrible water and chemically treated hair but I can still get a brush through my hair after a shower, and my hair is so shiny! I also love the way it smells. Ladies with long know how important that is. 

And I'm cheating again but pretty much every product from 100% pure is awesome. 

4) Eco vessel water bottle 

This is one of those products that I know I truly got my money's worth out of. When they say it keeps your water cold for 8 hours they aren't lying. I have a water bottle with ice cubes before bed and sometimes when I get up for the day, there is still ice cubes in the bottle. It's a great size, and has a straw. Whenever there is a straw I feel I drink more water; so two of those bottles full and I've had a great day!

5) Clean conscience cleaning products

I love the glass cleaner and the all purpose cleaner. They work well and they smell great. With a newborn and three dogs in my house, I don't want chemicals lurking everywhere, and a pleasant smell is important to keep my house smelling fresh despite the zoo under its roof. 

6) HMF Natogen probiotics

These probiotics are awesome for my baby Ryland. He has had several different kinds and though they have all worked well, this one is the winner. He has reflux and while probiotics do not diminish it completely, the severity is definitely reduced. 

7) MegaFood Blood Builder

I swear by this product for iron. It is food based so can be taken on a full or empty stomach. It does not cause constipation and is really gentle on the stomach. I started taking it when I was pregnant and I've had such an abundance of energy. Thank goodness because I have yet to develop the skill of napping. 

8) Citrus kiss essential oil by Purewow

This smell is divine. I love the smells of citrus and I use this oil everywhere: the bath, in a spray bottle on my sheets, on the dog beds, and in my humidifier. I really can't get enough of it. 

9) Carlson Fish Oil

This is an excellent, high-quality fish oil that is extremely cost effective if you are using it for maintenance. 

10) Routine deodorant

This stuff is awesome. It is one of the most effective natural deodorants I've ever tried and it lasts all day. They have options for vegans (no beeswax), for those who require a higher potency product, pregnant women and men. I have had my container since September and I am just now starting to get low. 

Trust me, finding ten products that I loved was too easy. There is a long list of runner ups of things I use every day, and many more that I look forward to trying in 2016.

Written by Chelsea Hohnstein