Top Ten Beauty Products

With our green beauty event approaching I thought I would share with you my top ten beauty care items!!

10) 100% Pure body wash

These come in a variety of scents and they smell divine. Many natural skin care products still have a "herb" scent to them but these guys have mastered the scent factor!! 

9) Everyone Organic Coconut Lemon Body Lotion:

This is an economical buy and is great for the whole family and is light enough to use on the whole body, including the face and hands. 

8) Suki Balancing Toner

I love the entire balancing line from Suki, because my skin loves to break out! The Suki skin care line calms the redness and size of breakouts, and my skin is much more clear. 

7) 100% Pure Yuzo and Pomelo Shampoo and Conditioner

I have searched high and low for a natural shampoo and conditioner that works well for my hair and these are perfect. When I was using it (I just ran out and figured I better use up some other stuff at home), I had so many compliments on how shiny and soft my hair was. I can't wait to try the Honey and a Coconut Restorative Shampoo after the inevitable sun damage!

6) Pacifica perfume:

I can't lie. I still love my drugstore perfumes but I have reserved them for special occasions only. When we think about all the chemicals we spray onto our body and into the environment every day, it's a little overwhelming. The smell of the Island Vanilla perfume from Pacifica is so nice, and it comes in a roll-on that can be tucked away in your purse. The roll-on perfumes also come in a variety of scents so that you can choose your preference! 

5) Gabriel nail polish:

These are amazing 5-free nail polishes. If you've ever tried natural nail polish before you might remember having to re-apply every couple of days. I have found with Gabriel that I can wear them for at least two weeks without any chips-and that's without a top or bottom coat (I got almost a month when I used a top coat). I even went to Hawaii and walked in the sand for ten days and came home with the nail polish almost the same as when I left! They come in a variety of beautiful colors and they are affordable!! 

4) Evelyn Iona Ginger Glow Bronzer, Val Lip Gloss, Gel eyeliner, Concealer: 

I'm cheating a LOT and using four in one category, BUT I love the way these four compliment each other. I just recently tried the Ginger Bronzer and I am SO happy with it. My skin isn't terrible but it's far from perfect and I find the bronzer makes my complexion look much more smooth, and does not have that fake, shimmery appearance to it. The concealer does an awesome job of covering blemishes and evening out my worst areas of scarring. A little goes a long last container lasted me four months of fairly regular use (I only use concealer when I have blemishes..which lately is still pretty regularly). 

I have always loved the Val lipgloss because it pairs well with anything so I don't have to do any work to match it to my outfit. It is moisturizing, not sticky and doesn't stain the lips, so you don't look like you ate a jar of ravioli when it wears off. 

The eyeliner is awesome if you can master the application with a brush. It lasts, which is amazing because a lot of natural eyeliners require a re-application. This eyeliner survived camping and some pretty hardcore quadding without budging. On days that need eyeliner, this is without question my go to. 

3) AnneMarie Borlind Foundation:

This foundation has a very luxurious appeal to it, and it holds up to the gorgeous packaging. I use the anti-aging because I like to have a bit more coverage and I find it lasts throughout the day without re-application and covers up all the redness on my skin. 

2) Routine deodorant:

I have a confession. I've never tried Routine's deodorant because I still have to use up what I have at home. BUT I'm mentioning it here on behalf of all the customers who have had some pretty unreal reviews on the product. In fact, we recently just ordered 144 units which is more than triple the size of our original order because it sold so well and we heard such great feedback on how well it works! People who have always used regular deodorant find this product is effective right away against odor, even after a hot day or the gym. Some of our customers have said that since using it, they only have to apply it every second day and it is still effective.

1) Viva Amaze Gel Exfoliant: 

I don't use this product regularly, BUT I do like to splurge on it once in a while.  This is a gentle exfoliant that is very effective. I can't describe how well it works and give it justice; it really is a product you have to try for yourself. But, you can do that our Green Beauty Day August.21st because we will be demonstrating the product in-store, and we might even be able to sneak some samples to you to take home:)